One Year of Haxe by Nicolas Cannasse

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Silex Labs originally posted the article WWX 2014 Speech: Nicolas Cannasse One Year of Haxe which links to the YouTube videos, Nicolas's slides and a brief synopsis of the talk. Below are the videos and my own overview of the talk.


Nicolas opened the conference by going over what has changed in the last year, the various releases, new features, additional syntax and further speed improvements.

He continues by explaining the future plans for Haxe 3.2. This includes completing the API by adding additional assessors and using Typed Arrays on the JavaScript target which will provide a huge speed improvement.

Simon Krajewski's hxparse library might provide a hint of what's to come as it includes its own byte class which uses the optimal underlying method on each platform to get the best speed available.

The next feature planned is full Unicode support by providing a haxe.Ucs2, haxe.Utf8 and haxe.Utf16 abstract classes which can automatically convert between each other, full cross-platform conformity and the best performance available on the underlying platform.

A few other features are also planned, to improve macro support, additional improvements to the Date class by adding UTC support, moving SPOD to the haxe.db package and continuing to improve the Python target.

Nicolas continues by describing who makes up the Haxe Foundation and what they do. The Haxe Foundation have sponsored a handful of projects, from HIDE, WWX, UFront and the new Haxe website created by Jason O'Neil who's also leading the development of UFront.

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The New Haxe Website

The new site uses UFront, but without a database, instead relying on GitHub for all its content. Clicking any contribute link at the bottom of a page will take you to the relevant GitHub page. This is to encourage community contribution and make it easy to review changes and additions to the site.

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