Flambes Future by Bruno Garcia

by Skial Bainn published on

Silex Labs originally posted the article WWX 2014 Speech: Bruno Garcia Flambe which links to the YouTube videos, Bruno's slides and a brief synopsis of the talk. Below are the videos and my own overview of the talk.


Bruno who is the JavaScript target maintainer, who also started Haxe Meme and wrote Flambe, a 2D game engine starts off by stating how Flambe has had amazing growth and adoption with over 200 commercial games built with Flambe. Bruno has a strong focus on developer UX, focused on tool integration and rapid development, which have undoubtedly contributed to its success.

Nickelodeon started evaluating HTML5 game engines in 2012 and today all new games are built with Flambe which has helped it go viral across the industry. Disney and Viacom, two of the top 4 media companies worldwide use Flambe. The top two toy companies worldwide, Hasbro and Mattel use Flambe, as well as CocaCola, Toyota, Spil Games and Mozilla.

wwx 2014 haxe social flambe
Haxe is too mainstream!?!

Bruno puts the success on good HTML5 support with graceful enhancement, Flump which exports fla files to a GPU friendly format, its high performance, the native extensions and a focus on developer UX, by decently documenting code and all new API's must be documented.

He goes onto demonstrate a few code examples in AS3 versus Haxe and Flambe. The Haxe and Flambe versions are considerably shorter and succulent compared to their AS3 versions. He plans to implement features which users have been asking for, tile map loading, polygon rendering and video playback. One of the more interesting areas for me would be a new native app backend built with Lime.