Haxe Roundup 668

by Alexander Hohlov edited on

Welcome to the latest edition of the Haxe Roundup. Haxe is a high level, strictly typed programming language and cross-compiler.

Community Updates

News and Articles

  • Lime 8.0.1 and OpenFL 9.2.1 have been released.
  • Dead Cells AMA with the devs.
  • 📌 Logo has been working on a list of people in the Haxe community on open platforms such as Mastodon.
  • 📌 Haxe.Social is a new unofficial Akkoma instance for Haxe developers and projects.
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Videos & Music

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Jobs, Bounties

Looking for work

Job listings


Product Releases & Announcements

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Previews & Demos

Open Source

Community Previews
  • Sebastian Thomschke has released more-clink-completions git which is an extension repository for clink containing Windows command line completions for various programs (including Docker and the Haxe compiler). They are programmed in Haxe and transpiled to Lua. ⭐
  • The Kha backend for HaxeUI (haxeui-kha) now supports rounded borders & gradients via a set of SDF shaders.
  • Script to install Haxe, Lime and OpenFL on a Raspberry Pi running PiOS (raspbian bullseye). By gepatto.
  • Debugging Haxe macros in VS Code is so handy!
  • Smooth edge progress - pixel line drawing on CPU.
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Git Repos

Closed Source

From the Haxe Discord 🔑 server
  • Prexot continues work on Rhythm Magus, a combination rhythm game and RPG made in Ceramic.
  • Pavel Alexandrov is reimplementing an old jam game as a sample game both for Heaps and TiledHX.
  • Map in Minicology now features search function, ability to filter previously visited planets by resource, sorting and more.

Some Library Releases

People & Projects to support

  • Axol Studio is a small independent game development studio, making games with and contributing to HaxeFlixel.
  • Funkin’ Crew is making Friday Night Funkin’, a cartoon rhythm gaming excellence.
  • Patrick is creating Raspberry Pi 4 support for Haxe/Lime/OpenFL/HaxeFlixel.
  • Josh Tynjala is working on Feathers UI — open source, cross-platform UI components built with OpenFL.
  • Pavel Alexandrov is primarily contributing to the Heaps engine and is the creator of format-tiled library.
  • Ian Harrigan is working on primarily HaxeUI, as well as hxArduino & hxWebSockets.
  • Kaelan Evans is working on HxDoom, a Haxe adaption of Doom.
  • Richard Oliver Bray is teaching people the things he’s learnt, like React, Typescript and Haxe.
  • Alexander Gordeyko is developing Pony, a Haxe open-cross-library.
  • Andy Li is working around the Haxe ecosystem: CI, packaging, docs and learning materials.
  • Kevin Leung is creating open source software libraries.
  • Robert Konrad, the Kha author, is creating Programming Toolkits.
  • OpenFL is creating free open source software.
  • HaxeUI is creating an open source user interface libraries.
  • HaxeFlixel is creating an open source, cross platform 2D game engine.
  • Slava Ra is creating improvements for FlashDevelop and HaxeDevelop.
  • Mark Knol is working on Haxe and its documentation.
  • Dan Korostelev is working on the Haxe compiler.

Updates from the Haxe core

Current Proposals & Discussions

Core Changes

46~ updates have been made to Haxe in the last week.

  • [lua] Add lua_standalone compiler define pull request.
  • [python] Int32 wrong result for shift left operations issue.
  • [macro] haxe.macro.Printer add safe field expr merged.
  • [macro] @:this discrepancy from Haxe 4.1.4 to 4.2.x (only via getter) / Macro functions must be called immediately fixed.
  • [neko] Add support for loading arm ndlls pull request.
  • [hxcpp] Fix architecture check on windows pull request.
In case you missed it
  • Extended EnumFlags issue.
  • [lua] Speed up StringTools.(starts|ends)With on Lua merged.
  • [lua] Exit code 0 in case of error issue.
  • [eval/lua] Reflect.hasField on function reference throws exception issue.
  • [cppia] Create cppia output folder if it doesn’t exist pull request.
  • [neko] Add boot -c flag to nekotools help pull request.
  • [php] Vector + conditionals can break diagnostics issue.

You can get started using the latest features by downloading a nightly build of Haxe and see the impact the latest changes have on each target by browsing the benchmarks site.

Take it easy everyone, stay safe and see you next week. 🇺🇦