Haxe Roundup 586

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Haxe Roundup. Haxe is a high level, strictly typed programming language and cross-compiler.

Community Updates

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Product Releases & Announcements

  • Aurel previews some terrain destructive pew pew in their #Alakajam 12 entry titled “Alient to the Past”.
  • Robert Alvarez has released his latest puzzle game called Matchkey, available on itch.io and Newgrounds. Made in Stencyl.
  • Kirill Poletaev has released two updates for the Polie Pals demo: one with the new hint system and other with reworked intro animations and many other little changes.
  • The Steam store page for the Go! Go! PogoGirl is now live!
  • The Art of Northgard is the definitive look into the history and art of Northgard’s Viking mythology by Shiro Games.

From the Armory Discord

In case you missed it
From the Haxe Discord server
  • Keyreal has announced his newest game - Pilie Pals, made using his custom game engine YUME written in Haxe. Check out the Demo Trailer and grab the demo available from itch.io.

Code Examples

Previews & Demos

Open Source

Community Previews
Git Repos
  • zymkey git - This is a pure JS binding for Zymbit’s “C interface to Zymkey Application Utilities Library” through the ffi-napi package.
  • hatlang_haxe git - A reference for the language in Hatstack.
  • Check out the latest open source Haxe projects over on GitHub.

Closed Source

  • More YES/NO choices in Jano Games Football Manager game. Do you sign Sammy Selfish? Made with Stencyl.
  • Avizura has almost completed their editor for their rhythm game Break Beat Battle Machines, created with HaxeFlixel.
  • Syo continues to improve the markdown based dialogue system, with scripts based on hscript and labels bound to actions.
  • Super Cosmic Heist (2022) World 3-3 WIP by Fierce.
  • Art from an upcoming HaxeFlixel game by Kino Rose.
  • Techy Wrinkles is considering player damage with their own shots while in burst mode.
  • Michael Bickel has “decided to check if I can do 3D flow fields for pathfinding in 3D space. First step: Voxels.” Using Haxe & Godot engine. Plus spaceships! And with more voxel stuff!
  • Dan has updated the graphics for their bomberman inspired game.
  • The graphics overhaul of Go! Go! PogoGirl by Andrej continues with the summer season!
  • New screenshots from WIP Addlemoth game by mauve:
From the Haxe Discord server
  • SeiferTim has spent the last couple of days adding Newgrounds API and medals and stuff to Monster Match.
  • 01010111 shares some mockups for the node based scripting platform they want to make! ⭐️
From the Armory Discord server
  • Rocket shares a quick playthrough vid of their game.

Some Library Releases

People & Projects to support

  • Funkin’ Crew is making Friday Night Funkin’, a cartoon rhythm gaming excellence
  • Patrick is creating Raspberry Pi 4 support for Haxe/Lime/OpenFL/HaxeFlixel.
  • Josh Tynjala is working on Feathers UI — open source, cross-platform UI components built with OpenFL.
  • Pavel Alexandrov is primarily contributing to the Heaps engine and is the creator of format-tiled library.
  • Ian Harrigan is working on primarily HaxeUI, as well as hxArduino & hxWebSockets.
  • Kaelan Evans is working on HxDoom, a Haxe adaption of Doom.
  • Richard Oliver Bray is teaching people the things he’s learnt, like React, Typescript and Haxe.
  • Alexander Gordeyko is developing Pony, a Haxe open-cross-library.
  • Andy Li is working around the Haxe ecosystem: CI, packaging, docs and learning materials.
  • Kevin Leung is creating open source software libraries.
  • Robert Konrad, the Kha author, is creating Programming Toolkits.
  • Lubos & contributors are creating Armory, an open source 3D game engine in Blender.
  • OpenFL is creating free open source software.
  • HaxeUI is creating an open source user interface libraries.
  • HaxeFlixel is creating an open source, cross platform 2D game engine.
  • Slava Ra is creating improvements for FlashDevelop and HaxeDevelop.
  • Mark Knol is working on Haxe and its documentation.
  • Dan Korostelev is working on the Haxe compiler.
  • Eric Bishton is creating the Haxe plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Will Blanton is creating HaxeFlixel tutorials.
  • Matthew Wallace is creating Haxe By Example tutorials.
  • August Late is creating unique 2D lighting tech.

Updates from the Haxe core

Current Proposals & Discussions

Core Changes

7~ commits have been made to Haxe compiler in the last week.

You can get started using the latest features by downloading a nightly build of Haxe and see the impact the latest changes have on each target by browsing the benchmarks site.

Take it easy everyone, stay safe and have a good week!