Haxe Roundup 522

by Skial Bainn edited on

Welcome to the latest edition of the Haxe Roundup. Haxe is a high level, strictly typed programming language and cross-compiler.

Community Updates

News and Articles

In case you missed it

Videos & Music

  • Add a video related to Haxe.
In case you missed it

Upcoming Events & Talks

Job Offers & Bounties

Product Releases & Announcements

In case you missed it

Code Examples

Previews & Demos

Open Source

  • GraphSynth git - a node-based graphical synthesizer.
  • HaxeTroid git - A tutorial for making a neato HaxeFlixel game.
  • 4d4ch1 from Discord and his team have participated in the NTI IRS 2019-2020 competition and used Haxe to work with a robotics platform which has JavaScript runtime. The competition is over so they decided to open source their code.
  • Nanjizal has made some tweaks, updates and internal improvements for Covid-19 cases map for the UK.
  • Luyren has released Utility Pack for making Stencyl games. Just in time to be used in the upcoming Stencyl Jam!

Closed Source

Some Library Releases

Framework Updates

  • None this week.

People & Projects to support

  • Alexander Gordeyko is developing Pony, a Haxe open-cross-library.
  • Andy Li is working around the Haxe ecosystem: CI, packaging, docs and learning materials.
  • Kevin Leung is creating open source software libraries.
  • Robert Konrad, the Kha author, is creating Programming Toolkits.
  • Lubos & contributors are creating Armory, an open source 3D game engine in Blender.
  • OpenFL is creating free open source software.
  • HaxeUI is creating an open source user interface libraries.
  • HaxeFlixel is creating an open source, cross platform 2D game engine.
  • Slava Ra is creating improvements for FlashDevelop and HaxeDevelop.
  • Mark Knol is working on Haxe and its documentation.
  • Dan Korostelev is working on the Haxe compiler.
  • Eric Bishton is creating the Haxe plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Will Blanton is creating HaxeFlixel tutorials.
  • Matthew Wallace is creating Haxe By Example tutorials.
  • August Late is creating unique 2D lighting tech.

Updates from the Haxe core

Current Proposals & Discussions

Core Changes

24~ commits have been made to Haxe compiler in the last week.

In case you missed it
  • Min/Max number limits pull request.
  • Boolean binop reconstruction vs return issue.
  • Add haxe.Constraints.NotVoid merged. 👍
  • Do not generate redundant final return for return voidExpr closed.
  • Cross-target exception handling merged! 🌟
  • Remove redundant continue closed.

You can get started using the latest features by downloading a nightly build of Haxe and see the impact the latest changes have on each target by browsing the benchmarks site.

Take it easy everyone, stay safe and have a good week!