Haxe Roundup № 392

by Skial Bainn editted on

Welcome to the latest edition of the Haxe Roundup. Haxe is a high level, strictly typed programming language and cross-compiler.

Community Updates

News and Articles

  • Haxe Summit 2017 has been announced taking place in Amsterdam between September 13th and 16th at “de Roos”. Only a few days left to get your early bird tickets! 🎉
  • Help form the Haxe tutorial for beginners workshop at the Haxe Summit 2017 by taking their poll.
  • A quick primer with source code for Text Particles in HaxeFlixel.

Upcoming Events

Job Offers & Bounties

Past Events

Code Examples

Previews & Demos

Open Source

  • Armory is getting a vegetation module and it looks amazing. 🌟
  • Distraction free markdown editor using Electron.
  • L-System demo works with Kha and Luxe.

Apps & Games

  • Some tooling love for an unreleased love3d powered game.
  • love3d powered grass and beautiful world.
  • Fireflies created with Kha.
  • Improving WootMaths smooth multitouch fraction manipulatives on mobile web.
  • Testing multiplayer with Kha and WebRTC.

App & Game Releases

  • Infinity - To The Top released onto itch.io.

Some Library Releases

Updates from the Haxe core

Current Proposals

Core Changes

14 commits have been made to Haxe compiler in the last week.

You can get started using the latest features by downloading a nightly build of Haxe.

Take it easy everyone and have a good week!