Haxe Roundup № 354

by Skial Bainn published on

Welcome to the latest edition of the Haxe Roundup. Haxe is a high level, strictly typed programming language and cross-compiler.

News from the Community

News and Articles

Martin Jonasson has created and released twofold inc for iOS and Android. It’s a game that “looks stunning and its mechanics will mesmerize you. Scroll the playfield to unravel the tiles, make a path to clear them away”. And of course, it’s made with Haxe.

Andy Li has written Haxe Packages Arrived at Official Arch Linux and openSUSE Repositories. This means Haxe can be installed on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE and Arch Linux!

Nicolas Juneau has announced the release of Harfang 1.0.0-alpha.1 over on the Haxe mailing list. Harfang is a “a lightweight Web development framework, currently working for the PHP and Neko targets”. Its also one of the oldest Haxe libraries.


  • WWX2016 Haxe Conference at Mozilla Paris between 27th-30th May.
  • Want to talk at the WWX2016 conference? Submit your proposal to the WWX2016 GitHub repo.


Game Releases

Previews, Demos & Snippets

Eric Bernier has shared two in-development HaxeFlixel Gifs, in which the animations and general style are great. Chasing crows and Spell Slinging.

Journey of Coins, which has been mentioned in past roundups, has been released to GameJolt, created with HaxeFlixel by Justin Cruz, Seraj Nagi and Joe Swensen.

Some library releases

Updates from the Haxe ecosystem

7 commits have been made to Haxe compiler in the last week, with 54 issues closed across the Haxe ecosystem.

You can start using the latest features by grabbing a nightly build of Haxe.

Have a good week everyone!