Haxe Roundup № 344

by Skial Bainn published on

Philippe Elsass has tweeted that he has completed his current project at Massive Interactive, working on bringing a new YouView client to Sony Android TV’s.

Andy Li this Saturday released the results to his Haxe Usage Survey, taking you through a guided to tour to the results. Keep up the great work!

Luke Selman has launched an ambitious project, Twinspire, a Haxe powered IDE. Interested in helping Luke, how about supporting him through his Patreon page? Also check out Luke’s intro post to Twinspire.

Tomas Slusny has started writing the Book of Raxe, the alternative Haxe language, inspired by Ruby.

OpenFL’s Bunnymark benchmarketing score has gone up, taking 3rd place.


With the terrible news from the last week that took place in Beirut and Paris, my thoughts are with you all and I hope you, your friends, family and loved ones are all safe.