Haxe Roundup № 343

by Skial Bainn published on

Ian Harrigan starts this week’s roundup off with a Developer Spotlight interview over on the OpenFL blog, talking about his himself and HaxeUI.

Ian continues to tease us on Twitter with upcoming HaxeUI features, with the latest sneak peak of a very preliminary proof of concept backend using waxe and wxWidgets!

haxeui wxwidgets native ui ian harrigan
HaxeUI v2 using wxWidgets! Native UI!

Even though waxe is incomplete, Ian has stated that his “background is in C++, so [he] is going to give waxe the once over [and] make it [have] a fuller API”.

The awesome Andy Li has spoken and promoted Haxe at this years PyCON HK conference and has made his talks slides and notes available to all. As usual, I’ve provided a backup.

Andy has also released some graphics built using Python based on the data he collected from his Haxe usage survey, so have a quick cheeky peak.

Tomas Slusny continues to work on and improve Raxe, an alternative syntax for Haxe, inspired by Ruby, by adding “Scala like traits to Raxe”, with a helpful example.

As Raxe is just an alternative syntax targeting Haxe, how about using some of the latest HaxeLib releases with it?

Even though not released to HaxeLib yet?, Michel Käser has updated hx-nanomsg enabling websocket and tcpmux protocols, with additional fixes so it works with Haxe 3.2.0. Michel has marked this repo and all other repos as discontinued.

The overlap2d HaxeLib release is the runtime by the Overlap2D editor, an “open minded editor for modern 2D games”, which loads and renders scene in HaxeFlixel. The Overlap2D team has also released a video showcasing how quickly you can get 2D assets into HaxeFlixel.

Lars Doucet has tweeted that the first HaxeFlixel titles targeting the PS4 and PSVita using the in development console targets will hopefully be launching the year or early next year.

A couple of games which will be able to take advantage of the consoles targets once made publicly available are Expansion by Ben Merckx and Dusted Donut by Justin.

Expansion is “real-time space strategy game for mobile, desktop and browsers, featuring an intuitive and simple interface for a flawless gaming experience”. You can play the alpha build now. The game is built with OpenFL.

Dusted Donuts “is an exploration game about space, loneliness, and rock people”. Justin has written a brief dev update and posted a demo build, ready for playtesting.

Dustin Auxier finished this week’s roundup off with a particles preview that uses OpenFL’s drawTriangles which results in great performance.

Have a good week everyone!