Haxe Roundup № 335

by Skial Bainn published on
haxeui v2 ian harrigan social
Preview of HaxeUI version 2.

Ian Harrigan starts this week’s roundup off with working demos of HaxeUI v2 demonstrating the OpenFL, Flambe, Kha and PixiJS backends. The amount of work involving in implementing each backend must be immense, very impressive!

I’m not to sure if Haxe was directly used for this, but, TiVo have recently pushed out an update that adds Apple AirPlay support to their devices which means you can stream to the Apple TV.

Lars Doucet has been profiling Defenders Quest HD using HxScout and has been finding plenty room for improvement through the Haxe stack. These four different issues prevent lots of String and Array allocations and also inline lambdas to avoid local variable promotion.

Pete Shand has published three articles this last week.

But, if thats not enough to whet your appetite, Mixer has published three youtube tutorials, all using HaxeFlixel.

If game development isn’t your thing, Matthijs Kamstra has updated the Haxe Nodejs tutorial site with a lesson on creating a Slackbot.

There are three upcoming talks featuring Haxe in the next couple of months.

This is a few days old, but, James McNess is looking for a Australian cross platform developer to get in contact with him.

Niall Weedon has created a WIP Haxe repository on GitHub called hxdecorate. Niall is looking for suggestions on to implement and improve the library which aims to “merge macros and metadata capabilities together to emulate decorators”.

And to finish this week’s roundup off is Franco Ponticelli’s recent addition of the Decimal type to thx.core. The Decimal type is perfect for managing monetary transactions, or just when you need no loss of precision.