Haxe Roundup № 330

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The Silex Lab’s team continues to steadily release WWX2015 recordings, with the last week seeing three talks released.

Todd Kulick also published his slides from his talk onto GitHub. With the video being published, the Activity repository also has had its status defined.

Currently, the code in this repository completely implements an initial proposal API for the activity haxelib. The current implementation here is single-threaded.

Here at TiVo we are currently working to complete and improve a newer implementation of the initial proposal API […] this newer implementation currently requires additional non-blocking system level API which is not yet available from released versions of the Haxe standard library and Hxcpp compiler back-end. We are working to refine, complete and submit these additional APIs so that we may make the multi-threaded implementation here the default.

For me the Activity library is one of the most exciting Haxe libraries to be announced as it offers so much potential.

Another impressive project is hxScout by Jeff Ward, who has set-up a Patreon page which is already off to a great start. Maybe the HF could back the project ;).

Stefan Bachmann has posted over on the snõwkit site the article Using HxScout with snow and luxe which shows a bare bones example of getting HxScout working in your snow or luxe app.

Another article from the snõwkit community is Gif capturing, a library which adds the ability to record in game action with the resulting gif quality being clear and smooth. Great work by Tilman Schmidt.

Lars Doucet has posted a few items this last week, the first of which is him adding multi-monitor support to Lime, which was recently merged into the master repo.

lime multi monitor
Lars Doucet's (@larsiusprime) multi-monitor Lime API.

Lars, who’s part of the OpenFL’s console team has posted a video showing OpenFL’s bunnymark demo working on the Xbox One. Also Puzzl have shown bunnymark running on Playstation 4. Not content on getting Haxe and OpenFL working on two different consoles, they found time to get HaxeFlixel’s MODE demo working on the Playstation 4!

The team from Ipsilon Developments have successfully tested Haxe and OpenFL’s Pirate Pig demo working on the Android SmartWatch ZGPAX S8!

It’s only a matter of time that a Haxe powered game or app takes advantage of all this amazing work to publish on all platforms and consoles at once.

Motion Twins are already onto this, with their latest game RockFaller Journey, deployed onto Android, iOS and Flash and available from the App Store, the Play Store and Amazon. Over on the mailing list David Elahee mentions the game had been created with “Haxe, AS3, hxsl, templo, dbadmin, h3d, neko, tora, redis [and] mongo”.

John Langewisch has created Swing Time using HaxeFlixel which he has published to the App Store. In Swing Time “you are an innocent little girl, trying to enjoy her swing, but all the other kids in the park are trying to knock you off!”

Anders Nissen has released the trailer for his game Hexmage, a “card board- game hybrid” created with luxe.

Aymeric Lamboley published v3.1.11 Libraries update and future! over on the Citrus Engine blog in which he says…

We won’t start from scratch for the Citrus JS… and at this time I can already tell you that it won’t use JS directly but Haxe! You get it, we will use Pixi.js for the rendering and a bunch of awesome libs for other parts.

It sounds like the Citrus Engine will be using the Pixi.js Haxe type definitions to power their JavaScript back-end.

Ohmnivore has created a “shiny new interpreted scripting language for Haxe” called ChopChop Script, with the “main idea to provide a scripting tool with the best performance possible”.

Andy Li published Including External JS libraries in Haxe output in which Andy not only explains how a standard library macro works, but also improves upon it making it “useful if you use npm or bower to manage JS dependencies”.

Matthijs Kamstra has written about a topic that caught his attention, web scraping, and in his post he lists the Haxe libraries that might be up for the job.

Continuing with the web related news, TiagoLr has created Haxe type definitions for meteor.js in the hxmeteor repo. For those of you who have never heard of Meteor.js, it “is a complete open source platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript, [building] apps that are a delight to use, faster than you ever thought possible”.

Back in issue № 321, Nikolay Grebenshikov posted a picture of his students from Khakas state university presenting a Haxe UI chart project. That project is now complete, with the code now open source and compatible with Jive, a cross-platform UI framework. You can also try out a live demo showcasing the Jive chart component.

Luca Mezzalira continues to work on and improve haxe-watchify by adding livereload support and also creating a dedicated site.

David Mouton has published haxelib.js to npm, which allows you “to automatically publish Haxe libraries to NPM. It’s written in Haxe and run as a command line with NodeJs. The server side is written in Haxe and published in PHP”.

pico8 lua social
Vadim (@YellowAfterlife) compiling Haxe into compact c-like lua code for pico8.

Kristian Brodal has written Introducing hxbt a behavior tree library which “is not dependent on any other library to function, so it should work with your preferred Haxe library, framework or engine”.

In last week’s roundup, I mentioned that Jeremy is writing a new Haxe book focused on game development. Sira Tama has co-authored the Japanese book Haxe for Beginners which mainly focuses on the Flash and JavaScript targets and OpenFL.

PeyTy has published over on the Haxe mailing list that he has been working on an alternative Haxe compiler that is written in Haxe. The source code for the new compiler will be pushed to the Alt Haxe repository on GitHub when it ready. PeyTy has published some possible differences in the alt compilers syntax.

I’ll finish this weeks roundup off with an article by Allan Dowdeswell with his article Making Things Last.

[I] wonder what my children will have to remember me by […] right after I’ve done this article, I intend to review whatever instructions are left for accessing this and my other things which are stored online. Just like I told myself last year. And every year before.

evoland 2 nicolas cannasse
Haxe powered Evoland 2 coming soon to Windows, Mac and Linux!