Haxe Roundup № 329

by Skial Bainn published on
wwx2015 group social
The WWX2015 Attendee's

The Silex Labs team have started releasing the long awaited WWX2015 videos, preceded by the Wrapping up WWX2015 article, with the event hosted in the beautiful Mozilla Paris offices.

The WWX2015 brought together about 100 participants from 17 countries for 4 days of conferences and workshops and the famous Silex Labs festive evenings. More than 1500 people followed the live stream of the conference on air.mozilla.org and on the official website wwx.silexlabs.org. All of these people didn’t just sit there and watch, they also shout to the world their love for Haxe, with nearly 1800 tweets between Saturday and Sunday and a lot of photos. A truly great community!

Now for the two currently released recordings.

Justin Donaldson has launched the Seahx, Seattle + Haxe, group. Seahx “is a small semi-regular meetup of Haxe developers in the greater Seattle area”. Head over to the mailing list thread for any possible future info.

Jeff Ward announced the release of hxScout 0.3.0 available for download, which provides improved performance. Also you no longer need to check out Jeff’s forked libraries because, as of OpenFL 3.1.1, telemetry support was added meaning it can be enabled with -D telemetry.

Since Jeff’s announcement, OpenFL 3.2 and Lime 2.5.1 have been released, adding speed improvements and improved image support. These two libraries have been downloaded for a combined 150k+ times!

Fuz recently came across an old puzzle game he made with OpenFL, he has also released the source code.

Lethal RPG: War by Ben Webb, is available on Steam, “fully remastered for 1080p” and created with OpenFL. It’s currently 50% off, which ends this Friday.

Joshua Granick, lead dev of OpenFL, has uploaded the video embedded below, showing “how easy it is to use Adobe Flash CC and OpenFL to create rich projects for Flash, HTML5 and native platforms”.

If you’re using Lime, a lightweight unified API, or OpenFL, Jérémy Faivre has created Atom-Lime which adds support for the Lime build tool to Atom.io.

Ruari O’Sullivan, creator of Cardinal Quest 2, has published the article Three Platforms, which, by the way, is made with OpenFL.

Dianyang Goh and Alan Choong have made Closing Time by using HaxeFlixel for the #indievsgamers jam.

Another game being built with HaxeFlixel is The Wolf’s Bite by Eric Bernier, Karen Teixeira and Dave Coughlin. Head over to their TIGSource for more awesome concept art.

the wolfs bite
The Wolf's Bite concept art by Karen Teixeira (@bitmOO)

Something that should be of interest to all gamedev’s, is mínt, a game framework agnostic UI library, which if I’m correct, uses the Cassowary constraint solver for its layout, the same algorithm that forms the core of OSX and iOS layout system.

mint snowkit layout cassowary
mínt UI library

Lubos Lenco has published a “super early demo of live scripting” inside ZBlend, utilising Kha and hscript, which you can run in the browser. Not content on that success, Lubos also posted a picture of live scripting a native iOS app over WIFI!

If you have come across Haxe and you're not a gamedev, but want to be or just want to improve your skills, Jeremy McCurdy is writing a new Haxe book, called Haxe Game Development Essentials, which you can pre-order now!

Aaron Spjut has created Gear Grams which “is the best possible way to organize the stuff you take on trips”. Gear Grams used to be built with Flex but now uses Haxe compiled to JavaScript and PHP. Add any feedback you might have to the announcement thread on the mailing list thread.

Niall Weedon has started a “small side project, a Haxe language binding” for AngularJS 2, with the source hosted on GitHub.

Luca Mezzalira published a video, embedded below, showing a demo version of haxe-watchify integrated with live reload, which will also work with Adobe Flash CC.

Vadim has written a follow-up article called Cleaner C-style for-loops on which helps migrate C-style for-loops from other languages to Haxe, using Haxe macros which produce clean results.

And to finish this weeks roundup off, Nico May’s slickrock.io, the embeddable chat service created with Abe, has reached 20k+ messages sent.

Actually, one more.

Over on the mailing list, an extremely long, highly opinionated thread burst onto the list. If you have the time, it’s worth reading.