Haxe Roundup № 327

by Skial Bainn published on
slickrock chat app nodejs express abe social
Slickrock.io - Simple, embeddable chat rooms.

Nico May has been using Abe, an API combining Haxe, NodeJS and Express by Franco Ponticelli and Michael Martin-Smucker, to create over several week's Slick Rock a simple, embeddable, “no username, no password and no room setup” chat app.

As stated on Slickrock's frontpage they want it to be free. Unfortunately, running anything costs money, so consider supporting Nico by donating.

I should also mention that the slick design was coded by Lorenzo Maieru.

Andy Li, now an official Haxe Foundation member, has finished his first job which was to update the standard library's jQuery typed externs. Head over to the new jQuery article that Andy has posted for more info.

I'm still confused on why the jQuery externs are even in the standard library, the standard library doesn't depend on jQuery and Andy's jQueryExtern library has, until now, been the only complete typed externs to use and worth recommending.

The following article by Matt Tuttle details everything you need to know about hxml files. No matter your experience with Haxe, you might learn something new.

Dan from Proletariat Inc has posted the article HxInflate - New Open Source Haxe Serialization Library giving a quick overview of hxInflate, which provides versioning, streams and a fast optimized data format creating a more reliable serialization library suitable for live games or SaaS.

Luca Mezzalira released haxewatchify, an automatic build tool for Haxe and OpenFL projects. In his article, Luca gives a brief introduction to the tool, which you can install via NPM. Also checkout the repositories README.md for detailed documentation.

The Puzzl and OpenFL console team have successfully gotten OpenFL running on Sony's PS Vita! Video proof embedded below.

Lars Doucet last week brought to everyone's attention the work Justo Delgado has been doing. Justo has been adding shader support to OpenFL, with the GitHub thread containing some sneak preview screenshots.

A game created with HaxeFlixel, Shifter, is now available for iOS, made by the Bomb-o`-cracker folks.

A few weeks back, I included a screenshot of Ben Morris's in-progress Haxe powered NES emulator, below is a pic of his latest effort, a game boy emulator.

nes game boy emulator electric boogaloo
@bendmorris Game Boy emulator.

Ben has made the code to the NES and Game Boy emulator's open source. Rafael Oliveira has already gotten homebrew flappy bird running on Ben's NES emulator.

Eduardo Costa has released FrontJS, a Haxe powered “clean and fast MVC [framework]. Plug and play your controller classes with the smallest code footprint”.

Back in issue #313, Kevin Purcell shared the slides from his talk an Introduction to Haxe. In the last week, the video of Kevin's talk has been made available.

BabylonHx, which has been in development for some time now, has launched its brand new and impressive website. BabylonHx states that it “is a ultra portable lightweight 3D engine [which is] compatible with Lime/OpenFL, NME and Snõwkit”.

To finish this week's roundup off, it appears the FBI used Haxe to unmask criminals on the darknet.