Haxe Roundup № 325

by Skial Bainn published on
gameduell workshop social
@GameDuell running a Haxe workshop for new team members.

Sven Bergström posted the article “Snõwkit Dev Log #5 phoenix”, the long awaited snõwkit collective update. This dev log focuses on alpha-3.0's new renderer, its past and future.

Another snõwkit article, this time by Espen Breivik, which is a proof of concept “using hscript to program entity behaviours in luxe”. I enjoy posts like this as Espen has gone into detail about modifying hscript, the problems and solutions he worked through. It's one of the lengthier posts on snõwkit, but still an interesting read.

In last week's roundup I linked to Jonathan Hirz's article about him working on his #fathersdayjam created with the luxe engine. Well Father's Day has come and gone, and Jonathan has posted over on the snowkit community Backyard Roguelike, a brief overview of his game and #fathersdayjam.

Head over to Jonathan's itch.io page to download BYRL - backyard roguelike which is available for both Windows and Mac.

Luca Mezzalira has been working on haxe-watchify, which is still in development and as you should be able to guess by the name, automatically re-compiles your code. From this picture on Twitter it's powered by NodeJS.

Hugh Sanderson has released his slides from this year's WWX. There is so much interesting info contained in those slides, definitely check it out. I wrote a brief overview of Cppia, a new HXCPP target, which is one of many interesting topics Hugh talked about.

Something that came from WWX2015 from Cauê Waneck and Hugh is an implementation that will “allow [you] to interoperate with Objective-C code directly from Haxe, by defining special extern classes by adding the @:objc meta and -D objc define”. Take a look at the current test classes which show uses of NSNumber and NSString.

svg c# java neko cairo
Experimental Haxe SVG lib - works on C#, Java, Neko/Cairo. By @cambiatajonas.

The Ipsilon Developments team have released their latest game Assembly Rush to iOS and Android stores, created with OpenFL.

There have been three community focused releases this last week.

  • Michael Solomon and Itzik Arzoni have luanched haxe.org.il, a forum for Hebrew speakers. Either head over to the new forum or join the thread on the Haxe mailing list.
  • Todd Kulick from TiVo has setup the San Francisco Bay Area Haxe User Group which is a “a semi-regular meetup for anyone interested in the Haxe programming language”.
  • RTL Digital Media are looking to fill a Haxe job position open since 2011 located in the Netherlands “mainly related to TV programs that are broadcast on the channels of RTL Netherlands”.

As usual there has been a bunch of Haxelib releases.

  • promhx 1.0.20 The promise library for Haxe.
  • unifill 0.3.0 The only cross-platform Unicode library.
  • hxInflate 0.2.0 A Haxe serialization library by Proletariat Games, that supports versioning, streams, optimized data size and more.
  • modular-js 0.8.0 which allows you to generate AMD modules for the JavaScript target.
  • buddy 0.18.0 your friendly BDD testing library.
  • duell 3.2.1 The Duell Tool by GameDuell.
  • haxelow 0.2.0 A small, flat JSON database library.
  • GM2D 3.3.4 Rapid 2D game making library.
  • thx.core 0.25.0 General purpose library with extensions to the standard library.
  • thx.color 0.15.0 A library for colour manipulation.

To finish this week's roundup off, I'll wrap up with two items from Disktree. The first being a “simple clock for the Atom editor's status bar” and the second is a picture of a mesh viewer and video player package for Atom, both created with Haxe, of course.

atom ide tong disktree
Preview of mesh viewer and video player packages by @disktree.