Haxe Roundup № 322

by Skial Bainn published on

A Haxe ChromeCast multiplayer game created by Media Monks has been featured at Google IO 2015!

mediamonks google io 2015 chromecast game multiplayer social
MediaMonks ChromeCast game featured at GoogleIO 2015!

There have been two OpenFL live coding previews released over the last week.

The first from Dima Granetchi called halk2 who README explains how to get it working.

The second is from Thomas Baudon who has released a preview of live coding with OpenFL on PC and Android. I'm unsure if this is open source or not.

Diego Machado has published the HaxeFlixel Resources which contains a “compilation of tips, tricks, snippets and tutorials”.

Diego can add another tutorial to his resource list, this one on Camera Zoom written by Leong Wai Yin. As usual Leong has done a great job.

Lubos Lenco has released another demo using ZBlender, his game 3D game engine which integrates the Kha framework with Blender, which demonstrates world exploration in third person.

zblend kha blender
Third person world exploration Blender scene.

Jonathan Hirz has published the Prototypes article in which he shares five prototypes all built using luxe engine. “I’m sure this is something all makers can relate to… I have too many prototypes floating around!”

Haxor Engine, the WebGL engine, has made it onto The Big List of HTML5 3D Games Engines article!

Vadim has posted on Twitter a teaser showing Haxe compile to GML or GameMaker Language, which he has been working on for a while now, not written in OCaml, but using a custom generator. The source code doesn't appear to be open sourced.

gamemaker gml generator
GameMaker Language Generator for Haxe.

Djoker Soft has published Gibbo 2D Editor in which Djoker has added HaxePunk support and possibly HaxeFlixel support to the editor to see how well it works as a level editor.

And to finish this weeks roundup off Juraj Kirchheim has official announced the release of tink_xml which provides a way to strongly type XML structures with as little effort from you, all made possible with macros, an advanced and powerful feature of Haxe.

nes emulator
@bendmorris working on a Haxe NES emulator.