Haxe Roundup № 321

by Skial Bainn published on
wwx 2015 social
WWX 2015 in Paris between 29th May and 1st June!

The Haxe World Wide Conference is almost upon us, which starts this Friday 29th May. I've kept quiet about so much news I've stumbled across which will come to light in the next few days, it's been difficult to keep quiet.

But if you're itching for some WWX2015 teasers, jump over to Lars Doucet's Twitter feed for some OpenFL & HaxeFlixel WiiU teasers. You can also find the entire WWX2015 schedule online hosted by Silex Labs.

Nikolay Grebenshikov who's speaking at WWX2015 with his talk “Jive: the renovation of Aswing” has updated Jive UI and its demo site with new controls, for example, accordions, tables, dialogs and sliders.

Nikolay Grebenshikov Students chart UI Khakas State University social
Students at Khakas State University presenting chart UI components written in Haxe.

Juraj Kirchheim, the macro master and WWX2015 speaker has released onto HaxeLib tink_lang, tink_priority and tink_syntaxhub, most likely preparing the way for his talks.

Just in time for WWX2015, Clément Charmet has updated try.haxe.org to use the latest official release of Haxe, version 3.2.0. The update to the latest compiler also comes with support for the experimental analyzer option.

Fiery Squirrel has posted the article Game Events, which is a roundup of the events Henry Fernández attended while working on and promoting his game Fluff Eaters created with OpenFL.

Another game created with OpenFL by Vicen Fleitas and available from the Play Store is Winged Mind.

The Fluid and Particles demo by George Corney, originally written in OpenFL has been featured on Chrome Experiments, getting another huge boost of publicity!

The HaxeFlixel team has published an article which explains the reasoning for them launching a Patreon page, also explaining where and how the donations will be split.

Ohmnivore has released Monsieur Moustache, an endless jumper created with HaxeFlixel, onto the Play Store, itch.io and open sourced onto GitHub.

Jonathan has released Space Spuds onto itch.io available for free or pay what you want. He has also added the source code to the download if you pay $5.00 or more, so you can learn from a complete HaxeFlixel game.

Leong Wai Yin has released two more HaxeFlixel tutorials, Image Trail / Blur Effect and Particles and Emitters. If you have been following the roundups for awhile now, you will know that I think highly of these tutorials, they are easy going, clear and concise.

One of Lars Doucet's contributions, potentially WWX2015 related, has been to commit a complete refactor of the gamepad API to HaxeFlixel on GitHub.

Lubos Lenco has released a Tower Balance demo created with Kha, Blender, HaxeBullet and ZBlend, which binds Kha and Blender together.

SlavaRa has released a FlashDevelop plugin which add support for postfix code completion onto GitHub. SlavaRa is looking for feedback, so send him any bugs you come across!

Mike Almond has ported Keith Peters tones library to Haxe, also called tones. Take a stab at the demo site. The tones library will allow you “to quickly make sounds with the webaudio APIs” with some added extras.

Francesco Agati has released to HaxeLib Riot.hx which wraps Riot.js. Francesco has a complete example on the Riot.hx GitHub page, which is also compiled to a working demo.

Nico has continued to work on Aqueous Basin, an Abe chat application, which uses NodeJS and Express underneath. Recent work on the app has resulted in notifications working across browser, a much nicer UI and some Chrome specific enhancements.

Jeff Ward has released HxScout 0.2 beta which adds support for pure HXCPP apps. It also offers a separate demo app which sends data to HxScout so you dont have to modify you Haxe environment.

And finally, lets finish this weeks roundup with two releases, HaxePunk 2.5.4 has been released and Peppermint 1.5 beta 10 has added Haxe support to it feature list.