Haxe Roundup № 319

by Skial Bainn published on
wwx 2015 social
WWX 2015 in Paris between 29th May and 1st June!

The HaxeFlixel team have finally launched their Patreon page, so if you're able to provide financial support to help cover hosting costs and fund future development costs, then seriously consider it.

The HaxeFlixel team are currently discussing how to distribute the donated money, with the outcome being documented in the future, I assume.

Leong Wai Yin who has been steadily been releasing quality HaxeFlixel tutorials has released another, this time explaining two ways to do Parallax Scrolling.

Justin Helms has released Sleep Furiously, built using HaxeFlixel. Sleep Furiously is available from the App Store, Play Store and Amazon. Take a look at the trailer below.

Another HaxeFlixel built game has been released, Fruit Shark by Eduardo Lopes during Lets Cook Jam and available on GameJolt.

Pete Shand has posted a teaser of the Haxe ported Away3D and Starling libraries playing nicely together, with the demo compiled to JavaScript.

Nikolay Grebenshikov has published the first draft of the Jive UI website which is built with itself. Jive UI is built on top of OpenFL, Bindx and HML to bring you a crossplatform UI framework, with MVVM, data binding, a contemporary UI and improved performance.

unfair puzzle gamemaker openfl
Before (in GameMaker) and after (in OpenFL) of UnfairPuzzle by @go_go_goto.

Matthijs Kamstra has written about using OpenFL to help generate paper toys to be printed with the Cricut Explore. As Matthijs says in his article, its great to see Haxe used for something other than games.

Juno Nguyen has released the source code to his game Celox Inpes onto GitHub which is a “re-creation of ABAGames' Charge Rush, using Luxe Engine, for purpose of learning”.

Another project you can learn from, which also uses luxe engine, is vshooter by Jonathan Hirz, which is a vertical space shooter.

westport luxe engine snowkit social
The Westport Independent by @KristianBrodal built with Luxe Engine featured in PC Gamer UK.

Kirill Poletaev has posted a new tutorial to haxecoder.com titled JSON in Haxe: Parsing, encoding, replacing.

Anders Nissen has tweeted that he has started a new series of posts on his blog, Awesome Game Dev Topics to Revisit.

To finish this weeks roundup off, a sample of new and updated libraries to HaxeLib.

  • Golems, a “macro-backed system for compiling and embedding workers into larger builds. Supports Flash, JS, NekoVM and C++ targets”.
  • TJSON, a “tolerant JSON parser and encoder. Unserializes and serializes JSON data, but without all the strictness of standard JSON parsers”.
  • Haxe GA, a “generic Google Analytics client that implements nearly every parameter and tracking feature of the original GA Javascript client”.
  • Check Style, an “automated code analysis ideal for projects that want to enforce a coding standard”.