Haxe Roundup № 316

by Skial Bainn published on
wwx 2015 social
WWX 2015 in Paris between 29th May and 1st June!

Lars Doucet has posted HaxeFlixel bounties for several issues which need fixing to make HaxeFlixel compatible with OpenFL Next. There are currently only three items left to get HaxeFlixel up to date.

Lubos Lenco has released his ZBlend demo showcasing advanced physic shapes which utilises Haxe, Kha and Blender.

kha zblend blender social
@luboslenco using Kha and Blender to create advanced physic shapes.

Pete Shand has created haxe-starling which recently had initial HXCPP support added. Pete has written the article Starling for Haxe which introduces the alpha release which points out missing features and other general issues. Pete has also included two demos, one compiled to the SWF target, the other to JavaScript.

Patrick Le Clec'h is back this week with more Hacking Haxe examples, showcasing experimental features that could be added to the compiler.

Also, Fuz is back this week as well, this time completing two games, puzzle blocks in less than 72 hours and TNT Ghosts, both using OpenFL. Each of Fuz's articles has links to play his games.

The Haxe Sublime Text Bundle, maintained by Clément Charmet, has received ton of new features by r3a1ay. Thats a couple of months worth of work by r3a1ay!

Alexander Kuzmenko has released HHP which stands for Haxe Hypertext Preprocessor.

HHP is a type-safe templating system for Haxe greatly inspired by PHP programming language templating possibilities. In PHP you can use plain PHP code inside of a template. This feature gives you unlimited control of template logic. Thanks to macros we can do the same thing with Haxe, but with additional error detection at compile time!

Sebastiaan Moeys, the founder of Gamesys, has posted that Gamesys are looking for a Haxe developer in Amsterdam to potentially work on their brand Poki which “currently reaches 30 million monthly unique users”.

To finish this weeks roundup off, AxG has posted a video showcasing his PonyNode library by creating a guest book application.