Haxe Roundup № 315

by Skial Bainn published on
wwx 2015 social
WWX 2015 in Paris between 29th May and 1st June!

Andy Li has taken the lead in getting Haxe officially supported on Travis CI with help from Cauê Waneck and Simon Krajewski. Testing your Haxe project has been greatly simplified, checked out the guide to using Haxe on Travis CI. Remember, if you want full cross-platform testing consider travis-hx which provides helpers to test you project on Travis CI, Appveyor and SauceLabs.

Lars Doucet has published proof of OpenFL's BunnyMark demo running on the WiiU! This is in “debug mode (ie slower than release) [with] 2000 bunnies at 25FPS @ 1080p on the WiiU”.

wiiu openfl console social
Visual output from a WiiU running OpenFL's BunnyMark by @larsiusprime and team!

A recently released game which can take advantage of the future OpenFL console support is Goumy Sticks by Sebastien Carceles.

Tikids applications allow your children to develop their competences and abilities the way they want. One application for one ability. Tikids gets inspiration with the free Montessori workshops.

goumy sticks openfl game kids child
Goumy helps your toddlers to learn sorting items

You can download Goumy Sticks for iOS, Android and from Amazon. Sebastien is already working on his next game Goumy Sort which you can keep an eye on over on FaceBook.

The OpenFL team have announced the release of OpenFL Hybrid.

The biggest new feature is OpenFL "hybrid" mode. As you may already know, OpenFL 3 supports two different build modes, the default is a unified OpenFL, that is consistent across all target platforms, for Flash, for HTML5, for desktop, mobile or console native targets. The second build mode is called "legacy", which only works for native desktop or mobile. This is the older OpenFL renderer and platform backend, familiar to OpenFL 1 and OpenFL 2 behaviors.

Juakob has created and released SpreadSheet-Haxe which, I think, allows you to load data from Google Spreadsheets into your OpenFL app.

Adi Reddy Mora's continuous hard work on the Haxe externs for Pixi.js have become an official part of the Pixi.js organisation!

zblend kha zebra unicycle
Zebra unicycle by @luboslenco

Sven Bergström continues his hack and slash refinement of the snõw API which he talks about in the latest snõwkit dev log issue 4. As usual its a great read following the changes and decisions going on inside an in flux library.

Darek Greenly has posted his first Gray Scale dev log over on the snõwkit community site about his game he made for the GameBoy Jam last year.

It was made in HaxeFlixel but I wanted more control over my code and be able to easily create lots of enemies with different abilities. After few hours of googling I stopped by a thing called "Component Entity System" and finally found luxe engine (and so far I love it!)

The embedded GIFs look amazing.

Here is game trailer from Hong-Chin for Endless Fight made with HaxeFlixel.

Fuz is back with another completed Haxe challenge which “in this game you’ll have to move the ghosts on ice with a swipe gesture to place them in their correct area”.

Player03 talks about automatic layout in his article Not-so-simple SWF Layout that you can use in your OpenFL projects.

And to finish this roundup off, Slava Tretyak has renamed FastIteratingStringMap to LinkedMap, now available for every Haxe target. If you're not familiar with FastIteratingStringMap then checkout Slava's blog where he has benchmarked his class against the standard library StringMap implementation.