Haxe Roundup № 313

by Skial Bainn published on
wwx 2015 social
WWX 2015 in Paris between 29th May and 1st June!

I'll start off with a project from Patrick Le Clec'h that's piqued my interest. Patrick has been releasing on twitter a bunch of experimental modifications to the Haxe compiler which you can try out over on hacking-haxe.atouchofcode.com.

This last week Patrick has released:

The WWX 2015 crowdfunding campaign has reached 218%!

Franco Ponticelli has created a GitHub repository called gcodex which helps build GCode programmatically, primarily to control his home made CNC.

franco ponticelli cut cnc gcode
Haxe controlled cutting machine by @fponticelli!

Lars Doucet has posted the image below on twitter with “This is why we switched to Haxe for Defenders Quest 2 / DQ1HD”.

lars doucet defenders quest 2 1 hd
Why @larsiusprime switched to Haxe for Defenders Quest 2.

Nico and Compost Face has started documenting their game Heavier than Air over on TIGSource posting some impressive art with a few mentions of luxe engine. Keep an eye on Nico's and Compost Face's twitter accounts for ingame previews.

lubos lenco blender prototype unicycle social
Riding spirals on unicycles! Prototyped in Haxe and Blender by @luboslenco.

Fuz has been busy documenting his progress with Haxe.

Sven Bergström has posted over on the Snõwkit community site Snõwkit Dev Log #2. Its a pretty long post touching on the current history rewrite, a new beautiful continuous integration service, the awesome community work on the Atom.io Haxe packages and plenty more, especially the hints at a new, improved, unified way of working with native libraries.

Adi Mora Reddy has created an alternative Atom.io Haxe theme, a light syntax theme.

If you are using the Snõwkit plugins for Sublime Text or Atom.io, head over to the community site for more details on recent plugin updates.

Recently Kevin Purcell gave an Introduction to Haxe talk, so while we wait for the video to come online, you can checkout his slides from the talk. You can also find Kevin's slides available on Dropbox.

The OpenFL team have released Lime 2.3 and OpenFL 3.0.0 beta which has a handful of new features in regards to the recent Haxe 3.2.0-rc.2 release.

openfl level editor
Preview of a level editor created with OpenFL by @dmitryhryppa.

Mike Almond has created Horizon which is an experiment using OpenFL. Horizon is features a “distant flock drifting over a slowly evolving seascape, accompanied by an abstract piano soundtrack”. Try it out in your browser.

Leong Wai Yin has written the tutorial Creating a simple button in HaxeFlixel. The article should be call How to create a custom skinned button in HaxeFlixel. Just like his article from last week, the tutorial is well documented with plenty of code and screenshots.

tron tong gamma
A first person sci-fi game by @disktree!

Eugene Veretennikov has released a new version of Tiny Planets, which is “now world wide [and] with Facebook support”. The game is powered by OpenFL and StablexUI.

I'm going to end this weeks roundup with the Red Block Attack trailer by Beard Fish built with HaxeFlixel.