Haxe Roundup № 312
6 Years of Roundups!

by Skial Bainn published on
wwx 2015 social
WWX 2015 in Paris between 29th May and 1st June!

Of course the biggest news this week is that Haxe 3.2.0-rc.2 has been officially released by the Haxe Foundation!

This release introduces the new Python target which was developed by Heinz Hölzer and Dan Korostelev. As with any new target it should be considered to be in beta stage.

There will be a handful of breaking changes when Haxe 3.2.0 is finally released, so you better check out what's changed to just be safe.

This years WWX 2015 Haxe conference has successfully met its first tier and almost its second with the campaign currently standing at 170%!

Sven Bergström has posted over on the snõwkit community site Haxe 3.2.0 release window that its “part of our responsibility as the community to help ensure that releases are stable and working as expected, so please report any issues you find”.

Tilman Schmidt is back experimenting with luxe engine creating “a program that graphs parametric polar functions”. Tilman has two other alternative parametric equations to look at.

luxe engine
@KeyMaster_ parametric polar function.

Friedrich from Rat King Entertainment has created Loguerike using luxe engine for 7DRL 2015.

The OpenFL team have released the first OpenFL v3 Beta!

openfl 3
OpenFL 3 Architecture.

Lime 2 has been designed to be low-level and portable, supporting not only Flash, HTML5 and traditional native targets, but also home game console targets. BunnyMark has already been ported for Wii U (using Lime), and additional low-level features needed for OpenFL are forthcoming.

The new OpenFL now consists of 100% Haxe code. Not only is this super-portable, it has other benefits. Since we're all Haxe developers, the entire community can now make OpenFL stronger, even if it's just a small fix or addition. And now that there's only one OpenFL library to maintain, we have already seen huge boosts in development flow and improvements to existing features.

Head over and read the article to find out more on Lime 2 and HTML5 as a first class citizen.

Kirill Poletaev is back, not with a new Haxe tutorial, but a preview of his WIP bullet hell game created with OpenFL.

If you want a new tutorial, checkout Leong Wai Yin's tutorial on HaxeFlixel, Loading TMX Data, its well documented with plenty of code and annotated screen shots.

Two games recently released, one using OpenFL and the other using HaxeFlixel, are Mew Lines by Xenodrool and Stack Pack by Nikita, both available from the Google Play Store.

Slava Tretyak has written Fast Iterating StringMap Part 2 in which he continues to investigate and research speed improvements for the JavaScript StringMap implementation. Slava has also updated his Particle Emitter with a bunch of new features.

Fuz has been documenting his progress creating games with Haxe with his first update on a game called Trying to be cool.

cornerhouse scribbler machine social twitter
CornerHouse Scribbler.

This last item is particularly awesome. Dan Hett, Danny Blackman and Daniel Hall of Studio Audience have built a Haxe powered machine for CornerHouse called the CornerHouse Scribbler. Checkout the article introducing the CornerHouse Scribbler.

You can send a message to the scribbler by sending a tweet to #CornerHouseScribbler. Also checkout the Flickr Album for some decent pictures. Oh and the code powering the scribbler is open source!