Haxe Roundup № 310

by Skial Bainn published on
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WWX 2015 in Paris between 29th May and 1st June!

This years Haxe conference site has finally gone live! Checkout the hard work Silex Labs team have put into the site. They also have support from the Mozilla Foundation who will be hosting this years conference in Paris. There is also a crowdfunding campaign which will launch this Monday 9th March.

Sven Bergström has written his second article in his introducing Haxe series, titled Haxe Entry Point. Its one of those grab a coffee articles because it covers everything someone new to Haxe needs to know about haxelib, hxml files and interacting with third party libraries with example code throughout the entire article.

Adam Le Doux has written over on the snõwkit site the article Möbius Runner in which he recently made a game for a game jam which is a möbius-strip version of an infinite runner game created with luxe engine.

Jip Spinnewijn has written about Making your OpenFL game Android TV ready. Jip takes you through the process of adding the required info to your project.xml file to get your OpenFL game working. He also takes you through the process he used to created the extension Android Mode Type which tells you if your game is running on Android TV or not.

Andreas Rønning has created NormCubeGen, a tool which generates normalized cubemaps, I think, using Neko or HxCPP.

Mo Omer has released Appcelerator Titanium Mobile externs created using BuildHX allowing you to target iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and the web by compiling to JavaScript.

Tom Vian has released ChipTone a free sound effects and music tool created with OpenFL, compiled to Flash.

The open source UI library Feathers has an unofficial OpenFL port which is based on Feathers 2.0. Its still an in-progress port with a list of current limitations.

And while I'm talking about about OpenFL, it has a new release, version 2.2.8. Also Lime has a new release, version 2.1.3. Check out OpenFL's and Lime's changelogs for the gory details.

Lets finish another short roundup off with a trailer of Dead Alliance created with HaxeFlixel by Rakib Solewalker which is “a side scrolling action platforming shooter set in a zombie infected post apocalyptic world” available for iOS.