Haxe Roundup № 306

by Skial Bainn published on
wwx 2015 social
WWX 2015 in Paris between 29th May and 1st June!

The Silex Labs folks have tweeted that they are looking for speakers for this years upcoming WWX2015 conference. If your interested, you should create a pitch over on the Thaxe Force mailing list.

Alex Koz has also announced he is looking for speakers for DevGAMM in Moscow, Russia on the 15th / 16th of May 2015.

Philippe Elsass from Massive Interactive has stated that they are rewriting the YouView UI, an internet TV service here in the UK, for SONY's next gen TV's using Haxe and their Multi Screen Development Kit (MDK). You unfortunately need to sign into LinkedIn to get to that post.

David Mouton from Happy Technologies has released Heidi a product personalization cloud service. Composed of two parts, a Saas backend and webapp, the webapp, plus mobile components are powered by Haxe with the Saas backend written in C#.

Nicolas Cannasse who's part of Shiro Games has released Evoland onto iOS and Android.

François Nicaise has released a demo of his upcoming, work in progress game, Better Human Consortium. The premise is that “private data has been stolen by a malevolent company. You are a hacker. You need to find codes to log in their central server and free the data”. François also has a Patreon page, you should support him if you can.

Adi Reddy Mora recently posted a link to a Haxe compiled demo built on top of Pixi.js, a 2D WebGL renderer, based on the famous BunnyMark performance benchmarketing. I fell for it, the performance increase is amazing.

harfbuzz lime openfl right to left
Right to Left text in Lime / OpenFL looks great by @DanielUranga

Slava Tretyak has created a work in progress particle emitter for OpenFL. Slava has written Particle Emitter for OpenFL which introduces you to his implementation, some areas you should be aware of and how to install his library.

openfl chip8 emulator pong
OpenFL CHIP-8 emulator trying to run Pong by @4_AM_Games

Nico has created his own toy interpreter named VainLang, move a side Haxe.

Game Popper has created and released MAN-Haxe, available on Haxelib and GitHub, which provides a “set of Maze and Noise algorithm classes that can generate 2D array or string maps”.

Creative Mage has created Movie Clip Renderer, which does what it says, which is “render MovieClips to a BitmapData array. It works with nested movie clips, offsets in movie clips and more”. Nice and simple.

Tong has created type definitions for texgen.js called texgen.hx, which allows you to procedurally generate textures.

Samuel Twidale has created another extension. This time its an extension which brings AdMob support to iOS and Android for OpenFL. Its also available from Haxelib.

I'll finish this weeks roundup off with the latest game from the Puzzl team, Yummy Circus, an online multiplayer game built with OpenFL.