Haxe Roundup № 229

by Skial Bainn published on

papers please social
Papers, Please on iOS by @dukope

Jason Sturges has written a new performance benchmark post covering float math, object instantiation, down casting, up casting, event dispatching, function overhead, function inlining, loops and finally Graphic drawing, each compiled to Neko, Flash, HTML5 and Native (OSX).

If you're interested in running performance benchmarks yourself, Jason has written a tutorial on how to get started using his library Performance Test. He has modeled his library after Grant Skinner's ActionScript project which goes by the same name.

Platformer physics by Nico M using luxe engine.

Jason has also written the tutorial OpenFL code documentation with Dox which shows you what libraries you will need and how to install them, to marking your code with Dox specific metadata to actually generating documentation for your code.

Also this week Adi Reddy Mora has written about installing and using chxdoc and yuidoc as documentation generators for your Haxe projects.

openfl scene editor
An in-progress OpenFL 2D scene editor by @dmitryhryppa

Fabricio has written two articles explained new HIDE functionality. Both articles are in Portuguese, so I may have completely misunderstood them.

The first article shows via screen shots how to use Flambe, which is now natively supported in HIDE.

The second article shows you how to get started with HIDE's built-in Gradle support provided by Fabricio.

luxe engine wireframe
3D wireframe project by @KeyMaster_ using luxe engine

Ryan Davis has been previewing new features he is implementing into his tannus library, Pointer, pointer assignment and pointer binding. Tannus is a JavaScript focused Haxe library.

Jonas Nyström last week demoed Audio Mixer and this week has started a new library called HxAudioTools which attempts “to create a toolbox for basic audio manipulation in Haxe”. This is definitely a project to keep an eye on as cross-platform audio has been a reocurring problem for Haxe frameworks.

Paul Alexandrov has created and released YAGP, his Yet Another Gif Parser library. YAGP “provides a simple API to parse animated GIF images. The difference between haxe-gif library, is that this library successfully parses most Gif images”.

Follow the leader, an in-progress luxe engine project by Christopher Jon.

Sira Tama has pointed out that Cygames, a Japanese game studio, has released a new game to the Google Play Store called Killvege compiled with Haxe and deployed with Adobe AIR.

Sven Bergström has posted to the snõwkit community LD31 Recap which lists some Ludum Dare games which have been made with luxe engine. Also, remember to submit your LD31 Haxe made game to the LD31 Roundup Todo List.

I'll finished with the latest video from Boyan Ololoevich's which shows you how to get metadata completion in the IntelliJ IDEA Haxe plugin.