Haxe Roundup № 224

by Skial Bainn published on

luxe westport
The Westport Independent at Comic Con Stockholm built with luxe engine

Sven Bergström has published the first snõwkit community focus sheet, named alpha-1.0+parrott. I suggest that you first take the time to read up on the concept of focus sheets, then continue reading alpha-1.0+parrott.

With the release of the first focus sheet, Sven is setting a solid, strong and structured set of guidelines for the community to follow. Also by focusing on one problem at a time, he is enabling the community to have time to have an indepth discussion.

From last weeks roundup, which featured Nico's origami swan created with luxe engine, Nico has released the source code for luxe mesh, the art project which allowed him to create the awesome image.

Nico is also working on something new...

Philippe Elsass has published two posts Y U NO HAXE? Misconceptions! which demystifies opinions of Haxe that have probably been hanging around since 2007 and Vanilla Haxe JS which shows how easy Haxe makes writing plain, typesafe transpiled JavaScript.

Mark Knol recently demoed smart autocompletion of getElementsByTagName, which uses macros to do all the hard work.

Franco Ponticelli continues to release new parts of his thx libraries, this time thx.format which “adds formatting options on top of common Haxe types”. Definitely check it out as Franco always releases quality.

Pony an open, cross-platform library by AxG has recently had Touch and Starling support added by mmaletin. It looks like alot of useful features are coming to Pony, the latest being FlashDevelop templates.

AxG has also recorded a demo of installing the template and using Pony and Starling together.

Kirill Poletaev has changed directions these last couple of days by releasing tutorials on HaxeUI. Its great to see non-game related Haxe tutorials, as they are desperately needed.

Another tutorials, this time from Sven titled Haxe: Compile Time Macros. Sven provides a nice, gentle introduction to macros by showing you how to embed a MD5 encoded string into your output file as a static variable or inlined.

Below is another preview of Shifter, a game I've featured before by Bomb-o-cracker using HaxeFlixel.

Lars Doucet recently wrote DQ2 Update and DQ1HD Announcement which confirms that the Defender's Quest 1 HD re-release will be using Haxe, OpenFL and HaxeFlixel which also will be powering Defender's Quest 2.

While I'm kind of talking about OpenFL, Fredrico Bricker has created an OpenFL extension for Android and iOS which displays native WebViews.

I'll finish this weeks roundup off an in development game, Evoland 2!

evoland skip social
Evoland 2 by @ncannasse