Haxe Roundup № 218

by Skial Bainn published on

Jeremy Sachs ages ago released to GitHub Golems, “a macro-backed system for compiling and embedding workers into larger builds”, which works on Flash, JavaScript, Neko and C++ compile targets. Its now available from haxelib.

For those of you who can speak German, Haxe has been featured in the magazine Web and Mobile Developer October issue.

kha blender
Extending Blender objects with Haxe by @luboslenco

Haxe support for Apache Thrift has been submitted to the official Apache Thrift repository thanks to the hard work of Jens Geyer, who is the third biggest contributor to the official Apache Thift repository.

Khaled Garbaya has written the article Create a cross-platform command line tool in Haxe. He guides you through an easy to understand tutorial targeting Neko, which should just work on any system target, being PHP, C#, Java or even C++.

Over on Twitter, Christer Kaitila shared the news that if you develop for Android and publish to the Google Play Store you will need, from September 30th 2014, need to provide a physical address which will then be available on an apps page, viewable by all users. Thats if it concerns you.

devices social
Devices, devices everywhere! by @thomas_baudon

Madhoe has ported noisejs to Haxe as noisehx available on GitHub. Noisehx “is a teeny weeny library to generate Perlin noise”.

This demo of a glitch effect was created by Tilman Schmidt, who ported his Unity3D shader to use as a full screen post processing effect in HaxeFlixel.

This WebGL demo, created by George Corney, is an “experiment coupling a CPU-based rigid body simulation with a GPU-based fluid simulation in OpenGL ES” using Lime, gltoolbox, George's own collection of utilities, a fork of Andreas Rønning's shaderblox, a compile-time GLSL shader tool for Haxe/Lime and of course Haxe. The source is available on GitHub.

While on the topic of 3D, Lubos Lenco has ported the Oimo 3D physics engine to Haxe using the as3hx tool.

Ludovic Bas has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for Graal Seeker, in which “you are an unknown adventurer seeking for the Graal in medieval Britain during Saxon invasions”.

Nico has released IceEntity version 1.3.0, only available from GitHub. Checkout the changelog for all the new features.

Here is a preview of Romain Lebon's game using Haxe and OpenFL

A library I wish I had found earlier, Beluga is a “framework helping the creation of browser game websites. Based on Haxe technology, it allows any developer to define the environment of its project”. Beluga provides solutions for an account system, forum, guilds, market and more. Beluga currently on works on PHP and Neko compile targets. Its definitely something to keep an eye on.

@seacloud9 working on BabylonHx

Boyan Ololoevich has released HIDE version 0.4.7 to haxelib with contributions from Nick Holder. HIDE now has Vim mode.

And to finish off, Laurent Bédubourg has written the article Moving Arduino with Haxe/JS. It's great to see Haxe used differently like this.