Haxe Roundup № 214

by Skial Bainn published on

There are two upcoming events, the first is the Haxe Meetup in London next Wednesday hosted by Massive Interactive. Remember to register your interest in attending.

The second event is at FOSDEM on the 31st January and the 1st February 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. Head over to the mailing list to coordinate with others who are able to attend.

Ventroy Rolle has unveiled his studios first project Run4Love using Haxe, OpenFL and HaxeFlixel. Head over to Ventroy's studio development blog for future updates.

If you are participating in Ludum Dare 30 this weekend, remember to add your game to the Ludum Dare 30 Haxe Roundup todo when you have finished. To get your gamedev juices flowing take a look at the LD29 Haxe Roundup.

A new library you can use in LD30 this weekend, created by Andreas Rønning, is Delta a game focused tweening library for Haxe with a primary focus to have better control of timing.

Geoff Gaudreault has released Sploder Arcade Creator a game creator built using Haxe and OpenFL, which has been released to the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon.

Sploder Arcade Game Creator

Sean O'Dowd has written Building the first NHW game in which Manningham Neighbourhood Watch worked with Sean to create their first game, aimed at kids of all ages, which also needed to work across platforms. Sean decided to use the technology Nickelodeon and many others already use, Haxe and Flambe.

Clément Charmet, author of the Haxe Sublime Text bundle has added better .hxml scanning with new settings for advanced hxml selection.

hordes zero social
Hordes Zero made with Haxe and OpenFL by @motiontwin_en

Jip Spinnewijn has written about finishing his first game which was made with Haxe, OpenFL and HaxeFlixel. You can play the game online or get it from the Google Play Store or checkout the source available from GitHub.

A new feature available from the Haxe nightly builds and hopefully the next release of Haxe is haxe.Rest<T> which allows methods to accept an arbitrary number of arguments of the given type.

Lars Doucet has released a demo of a transition system he has been working on for HaxeFlixel.

Here is a preview of Anders Nissen upcoming HaxeFlixel game, a fast paced retro game.

I'm not sure who created and maintains it, but Haxe Games Wiki is building a resource on anything Haxe games related.

And to finish up, Justin continues to improve on his Letters project. You can get hold of the source code which is available on GitHub or check out the canvas demo.