Haxe Roundup № 213

by Skial Bainn published on

The Massive Interactive team are hosting a Haxe Meetup, on the 27th August 2014 at their London offices 10 Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6AF. Head over to the Eventbrite page to register interest in attending.

Terrasavr the Terraria editor by Vadim Dyachenko has updated been updated to allow loading and saving of buffs. Terrasavr is made with OpenFL and Bitfive, Vadim's own alternative OpenFL HTML5 backend. He also has a Patreon page where you can show him some money love.

Ivica Batinić has ported Ville Koskela's AS3 Rectangle Packing to Haxe using OpenFL.

FlashDevelop version 4.6.3 has been released with a few Haxe related changes. FlashDevelop is now able to package a standalone neko file as an executable, also the built in neko web server has been replaced with the Mongoose micro web server, which is a good move and “fixed src evaluation when setting HaxeProject.RawHXML”.

Mark Knol of MediaMonks have released their latest Haxe game, L'HOMME IDÉAL'S ADVENTURES to the Play Store and the iOS Store.

Luiz Bills has released Flambbets under the MIT license, a collection of snippets, components and utilities for Flambe, with future components already planned.

Boyan Ololoevich and Elias Ku have been working on improving InteilliJ IDEA's Haxe plugin, recently by adding hxml completion. If you have experience using the plugin, consider posting your experience to issue 7 on their github repo to help further improve the plugin.

haxe intellij idea plugin
IntelliJ IDEA Haxe hxml completion

Steve Richey has released his Localization Tool, which he uses in the Don't Move game. Source available from GitHub, MIT licensed.

Alexey Gulev has forked a popular Phaser tutorial and rewritten it to use Haxe Phaser and FlashDevelop.

Mehrdad Kaveh is working on blendhx, a free cross platform 3D IDE using Flash, Haxe, or Actionscript.

haxe blendhx

Justin has written about his experiments on getting path rendering working cross platform. In the first post, Justin shows how to keep the path width the same during bends. In his second post he shows it working with text compiled to Flash, with plans to get it working on Java.

Alexander Hohlov has written Bitmap Font Lib in which he explains the improvements he has introduced to his bitmap font library.

The Haxor Engine has preview its version 1.0.0 code compiling to HTML5, Windows and Android.

social haxor
@HaxorEngine version 1.0.0 preview

Over on twitter Mayinali has posted a image of what looks like a manga editor, which apparently will be ported to use Haxe, after the easy of developing a small test OpenFL golf game.

David Elahee has added simple, but vital, instructions to the HXCPP README repository.

An to finish off Samir Sabri has posted an image of a simulation using DCACLab created by Samir, a tool to simulate electronic circuits online builts with Haxe.