Haxe Roundup № 212

by Skial Bainn published on

David Mouton has written Develop in Haxe with NPM in which he explains why you might want to use NPM and Haxe, how to get setup and started, then taking it further by configuring IntelliJ IDEA and Jenkins, an open source continuous integration server.

A conversation has popped up on the Haxe mailing list discussing the official position on supporting NodeJS. In the upcoming Haxe 3.2 release, but available from nightly builds now, the compiler team have added @:jsRequire which automatically require's an extern class, as well as other, non NodeJS specific features.

David also created a few months ago Code Of War in which you create an AI, using Haxe, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart or CoffeeScript, with the provided SDK to create a winning strategy which gets pitted against other user created AI's.

haxe dungeon of gain social
Dungeon of Gain by @Defroids

Billy Spelchan has written Drone Defence Postmortem in which he explains what went well, what threw a wrench into the works and what went wrong for his recent Drone Defence game created with OpenFL.

Andreas Rønning has written, once again a great overview, this time about using Abstracts in Haxe.

Reach3dx have released another video showcasing some of their advanced rendering effects.

Ian Harrigan, author of HaxeUI, has pushed the first GUI for Haxelib to GitHub. Its an early preview with basic functionality, but future improvements to HaxeUI will improve the Haxelib GUI. Head over to the original post on the Haxe mailing list to offer suggestions and feedback.

Bronko Blue The Kitten Copter, Lite by Lars Quentmeier and Katja Krone has been published to the Play Store and iOS Store.

Boyan Ololoevich has added Python, Java and C# compiler target support to the IntelliJ IDEA Haxe plugin, with additional fixes to make it work with version 13.1.

haxe intellij
Python, Java and C# support in IntelliJ IDEA

Jens Geyer has been working on adding Haxe support into Apache Thrift, a “framework for scalable cross-language services development” with code generation for “C++, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Perl, Haskell, C#, Cocoa, JavaScript, Node.js, Smalltalk, OCaml, Delphi” and soon Haxe.

There has been another Haxe job listing on the Haxe mailing list, this time for a Haxe developer in Dubai / Middle East.

And to finish how about another game video, this time of a Roguelike platformer created by Vitaliy.