Haxe Roundup № 211

by Skial Bainn published on

Sys Tools by Cauê Waneck, which is a fork of the Haxe 2 repository, provides a crossplatform way to access low level systems APIS. Cauê's fork provides ndll bindings compatible with Haxe 3+ and Neko 2+.

Andreas has created Buddy, “your friendly BDD testing library in Haxe”. Buddy is inspired by Jasmine a BDD testing library for JavaScript and uses Promhx to implement async support. Its an interesting alternative testing library available to Haxe.

As TiVo's “Summer Update” rolls out, more and more people and sites are picking up on the fact that TiVo now uses Haxe. Slash Gear have written TiVo on Xbox One and Fire TV possible after Adobe ousted.

The OpenFL team have published OpenFL Summer Development Update in which they hint at some major changes coming to OpenFL, Lime and the introduction of Aether. These changes seem to be happening because of the recent work on supporting consoles. I'm being vague for a reason, go read the article. These are really interesting changes.

WebLog by Tomek has previewed remote code execution is soon coming to WebLog. Recently Tomek added tic toc functionality.

weblog tic toc
WebLog tic toc functionality by @lleqsnoom

HxMath, created by tbrosman, is a “game oriented math library using abstracts instead of classes”. Being Abstracts and using operator overloading means HxMath can provide auto casting between types and using Haxe's structural subtyping which provides compatibility with existing libraries out of the box. HxMath also has decent test coverage, with the 2D portion classed as stable.

Michel Käser has started creating C++ and Neko language bindings for the PolarSSL which “makes it trivially easy for developers to include cryptographic and SSL/TLS capabilities in their embedded products”. Michel mentions that he might not create a complete implementation of PolarSSL, even with the context switching, the hashing methods are much faster than what is available in the standard library.

social sunset work
Jon Borgonia @theRemix Sunset Office

HaxePunk version 2.5.3 and HaxePunkTmx version 1.0.3 have been released. I will let you checkout the huge changelog as I can't do it justice in a few lines.

Katja Krone and Lars Quentmeier have released Bronko Blue, the Kitten Copter, onto the Play Store and App Store, created with Haxe, OpenFL, HaxeFlixel and Nape.

Ludovic Bas has released SpriterHaxeEngine version 1.0.1 adding Vars, Points, Hitboxes and Tags to the Haxe library for Spriter.

To finish off, Ephriam Zachary Knight has written Getting Lost In My July One Game Amazing Mazes about his Gameboy style One Game a Month, Amazing Mazes game.