Haxe Roundup № 209

by Skial Bainn published on

Taigolr has created and released another library, Assets Manager, which “provides utilities to manage external file”. Manage meaning queue, load and save files using “relative, absolute paths or urls [and] receive alerts for modified files or folders”.

Vadim has written OpenFL Bitfive now supports multi touch, which is an alternative OpenFL HTML5 backend, supports identical Flash TouchEvent objects, as the “events are routed automatically and you don't need to worry about browsers and devices with partial or glitchy support”. Vadim has also added the ability to have mouse events converted to touch events to ease testing with the bitfive_mouseTouches flag. In his post Vadim goes into more detail on the inner working of bitfives event handling and some subtle differences. You should also support Vadim through his Patreon page.

Codir has released a video, below, of his game Dungeon of Gain.

At this years WWX 2014 conference, Todd Kulick talked about “shipping one million lines of Haxe to over one million devices”. TiVo have actually begun updating the Roamio, Premiere and Mini boxes with the summer update. Checkout the new features below, because of Haxe.

Sam MacPherson has posted to the Haxe mailing list that he has create Haxe OAuth which is an OAuth 1 and OAuth 2 cross platform implementation.

David Elahee from Motion-Twin has updated his article Debugging haxe/cpp executables with visual studio.

Tomek has been actively working on weblog which is a “Haxe remote debugging tool” which logs messages, has object inspection and real time stats like FPS and memory. From my quick look I'm assuming it can accept logs and stats from any compile target, which is awesome.

haxe social weblog
Weblog Realtime stats

Andreas Rønning has written two articles From Flash to GPU: History and preface and From Flash to GPU: Clients and servers which are “a simpletons introduction to rendering with OpenGL and Stage3D written with Flash developers in mind”. And if you feel like commenting about these, head over to Andreas's Google+ post which has a conversation already started.

Laurent Bédubourg has published How to use LibGDX with Haxe Part 2 which is the follow up to, you guessed it, How to use LibGDX with Haxe Part 1 in last weeks roundup.

Another follow on from last week, Steve Richey shows us the start animation for Drill Bunny.

Ben Morris has updated hxpk, which is a Haxe port of the LibGDX texture packer, with the ability to runtime packing with OpenFL embedded assets.

Cadet Editor, the extensible editor framework for Flash, has been made open source and have made a start on a Haxe port.

Another editor, Reach3dx, have launched their brand new website and are currently looking for people try the beta version, limited to 200 people. Reach3dx is built on Haxe and OpenFL which offers a “a new full-featured 3D game engine which provides cross platform support for mobile and web platforms”.

Beware Entertainment have released Stratega onto Armor Games. Stratega “puts your strategic and defense skills to test in this fast paced real time strategy game with an addictive combination of TD”.

Alot of these games would not have been possible without HaxelFlixel, which so happens to have released version 3.3.5 to haxelib.

And to finish off, how about a Windows 95 emulator made with Haxe and StablexUI by Smoke Fumus.