Haxe Roundup № 205

by Skial Bainn published on

The Chimango Games team have posted a youtube video of the visual evolution of their current game Pewma since they started working on it.

pewma social
Pewma Visual Evolution

Alexander Hohlov has written Caching Refactoring in which he goes into some detail on some decisions he has made towards graphics caching in HaxeFlixel.

Vadim who has created numerous games, tutorials and tools, some of which are Haxe related has started a Patreon page. Probably the most notable Haxe library Vadim has created is openfl-bitfive which is an alternative HTML5 backend to OpenFL and which is used by default as the HTML5 backend by many frameworks and developers.

openfl bitfive
OpenFL BitFive

Samir Sabri has created and released Arabic Shaper to GitHub. Arabic Shaper will generate unicode letters for each Arabic character in your text. Its OpenFL compatible, but currently diacritics are unsupported.

Burning Cooking Passion Pro made with OpenFL and HaxeFlixel has been published onto the Ouya. Originally its was “created for the FGL jam that spanned 5 days [with] the theme of burning [so] we decided to make a 4 player competitive cooking game”.

openfl haxeflixel burning cooking passion pro
Burning Cooking Passion Pro

Max has updated his externs for HowlerJS to the latest version. HowlerJS is an audio library for the modern web, smoothing over cross browser problems.

Another library which has been updated recently is nxColor maintained by Oscar Sims. The recent updates see accuracy improvements, complementary colours scheme, hex strings and fixes to the HSV space.

Michael Bickel has created and released externs of nanovg a “ small antialiased vector graphics rendering library for OpenGL”. The externs are only for the CPP compiler target.

hide haxe
HIDE Code Suggestions

And to finish off, FlashDevelop 4.6.2 has been released with loads of features, fixes and improvements and David Mouton has updated haxe-npm bundled libraries with nodehx.