Haxe Roundup № 204

by Skial Bainn published on

Cristian Baluta has renamed his Objective-C Haxe compile target to Swift, I wonder what its going be targeting now...

Lars Doucet has written an update on the Defender's Quest 2 DevLog which goes into detail of how he plans on using Crash Dumper to provide a solid game.

Sven Bergström who is one of the main contributors to Lime, the low level library that powers OpenFL, has created and released hxcollision. It is a port of the Separating Axis Theorem, currently supporting polygons and circles. It only provides support for collision, no physics have been include, by design. The site provides a solid set of demos, examples, documentation and release notes.

Yummy Circus made by Puzzl are using Haxe and OpenFL to deploy to the OUYA, Windows, Mac, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield and more, allowing up to 12 players.

haxe openfl puzzl
Yummy Circus!

Michel Käser has been busy this week. He has created usage examples for hxdispatch, his optionally asynchronous dispath library, documenting Cascades, Futures, Dispatcher and Promise.

Michel has created and released hxstd.vm which covers everything you know from the standard library, but unified under a single package allowing cross-platform usage of Mutex, Locks and Threads without any more conditional imports.

Michel then finishes off by creating bindings to nanomsg, which is a socket library that provides several common communication patterns that make networking fast, scalable and easy to use. The hxnn library can be used with the C++ and Neko compile targets.

haxe openfl haxeflixel bronko
Bronko Blue - The Kitten Copter

Chris Willcocks has created and released a programmers calculator using Haxe, HaxeFlixel and HScript to the HaxeFlixel demos repository. Checkout the live version.

This is an interesting use of Haxe, Paul Fitzpatrick is using Haxe to publish the compiled output of daff to npm, pip and gem, which are package managers for JavaScript, Python and Ruby programming languages, respectively.

Dan Korostelev has pushed a proof of concept unpack macro to his haxe thingies library. It allows you to unpack arrays and object fields into local variables, similar to pattern matching.

If you need to generate es5 style properties Juraj Kirchheim has written a custom JavaScript generator using macros.

haxe motiontwins uppercup
Uppercup Football coming soon!

And to finish up, you can now get the Haxe manual on your ebook, currently only epub and mobi formats are available.