Haxe Roundup № 203

by Skial Bainn published on

While I continue to work on the write up of WWX2014, which is insanely behind release, you can browse the WWX2014 photo collection to tide you over. You can then checkout Cristian Baluta's photo album. Then onto the SilexLabs youtube playlist of past WWX videos.

Seifer Tim has spent the last month writing a comprehensive 13+ part tutorial set for HaxeFlixel. Such a brilliant contribution to the community right there.

NicoM1 has released IceEntity 0.6.1 which makes use of the new OpenFL features to allow scripting in your game at runtime.

Alexander Hohlov, one of the original creators of HaxeFlixel, has written two tutorials, Tilesheet rendering part 1 and part 2 which introduce the Tilesheet API and how the HaxeFlixel render works, respectively.

MoJaWorks, a duo from Sheffield who have released Drop Dead Z onto Google Play and Amazon have written the article Smooth which is based on the one word review by Philippe Elsass, goes into how they got Drop Dead Z to run as smooth and optimised as possible. The tips are really helpful to newcomers to Haxe and OpenFL and a good reminder to those who have been around for awhile now.

Lars Doucet has created and released Crash Dumper which is a cross-platform automated crash report generator for OpenFL applications with the ability to send the logs to a server for further processing. As the library matures I can see this being a must need library for most people.

Lubos Lenco has created another demo built with Kha of skeletal animation.

haxe kha skeletal animation demo
Kha Skeletal Animation

Haxe Studio 0.3.2 has been released which has a few new features and bug fixes, including a new File Tree and a Plugin Manager.

There is another Haxe IDE being worked on by Johannes Stein which is going to be web based only. I haven't found the source or a live version available yet.

haxe web ide
New Haxe Web IDE

If you're using OpenFL and have problems building for the C++ targets, Tuomas Salmi has written Resolving Haxe which fixes the error error C2039: ‘blit’ : is not a member of ‘Array_obj<ELEM_>’ with[ ELEM_=unsigned char ].

Vadim continues to experiment, this time with polygon based directional lighting in Haxe using OpenFL.

Oscar Sims has created and released nxColor which is a colour manipulation library which currently supports CIELch, CIELab, XYZ, RGB and HSB colour spaces and can convert between them.

Peter Stefcek has released the second Genome2D devcast, discussing Nape physics, custom renderers and 3D projection.

And to finish up, David Mouton has released haxe npm 0.1.7 which allows you to install Haxe through NPM which comes bundled with a bunch of awesome libraries.