Haxe Roundup № 202

by Skial Bainn published on

Between the 23rd and 26th of May, last weekend, WWX 2014 took place with some impressive talks and announcements. The easiest thing to notice is the brand new haxe.org website.

The website was redesigned by Jason O'Niel using Ufront a MVC web framework using GitHub as the content database which is then pulled in, parsed and rendered to display the site. Every page has a contribute link which will take you to its corresponding GitHub page so you can create/edit and send a pull request.

A dedicated roundup of WWX 2014 is in the works. There are a couple of presentation slides still missing, so until they have been published here is a group photo of all the attendees.

wwx 2014 group photo social
WWX 2014 Group Attendee Photo

Eduardo Costa has released three libraries while WWX 2014 was going on, participating remotely. The first is AndroidHx which helps ease and speed up development of Android apps while using Haxe. The second is NodeHx which provides strongly typed NodeJs extern definitions with documentation and the third is NodeWs which “wraps the Http API of NodeJs and offers a straightforward way to implement web services”.

node haxe grid-1-2 skip-lb node ws grid-1-2 skip-lb

Matt Tuttle has created HxLUA which as you might have guessed by the name, allows you to “run any Lua code inside Haxe” currently only on Neko and C++ targets. You also have the option of passing a context object which will set variables before any script is run.

Boyan Ololoevich has released HIDE 0.3.9 which is now available from haxelib.

HIDE 0.3.9
HIDE 0.3.9 with Auto Import

Alfred Dickson has is planning on releasing Zombie Delivery which is created with Haxe and OpenFL in the next two or three weeks on to Google Play and the App Store.

Zombie Delivery
Zombie Delivery

Dan Korostelev has bundled up some of his gists into a GitHub repository called Haxe Thingies which contain several useful classes and macros that should ease development. You get DynamicObject which wraps Json or Javascript objects in Map compatible object and OptionalField which provides explicit syntax for working with optional and potentially missing fields in a convenient way. He plans on adding more classes in the future.

Vadim has been working on hexagon tiles. He has also added to openfl-bitfive support for gradients and libSVG, and while he was bored he created something todo with fancy text!?

Tong has released HxInotify 1.2 to haxelib. HxInotify is a library that provides Neko and C++ bindings to inotify, an inode based filesystem notification technology.

Nico has released IceEntity 0.5.0. This release comes with hscript integration. Nico seems to be rapidly improving this library so you should keep an eye on him for future updates.

Ritalin has a library on GitHub called Haxe Should which is a constraint based assertion library for Haxe.

Chronosyndrome has said he is porting an old AS3 library as3gif to Haxe. He has an early and slow Flash demo available.

If you create or are planning on creating elearning apps with Haxe, Knowledge Players have released on GitHub Scorm Extern which allows your app to be installed on an LMS easily.

Lets finish on a HaxeFlixel screenshot by Nuno.

Blue Wizard by Nuno