Haxe Roundup № 198

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A brand new target has been added to Haxe, thanks to Frabbit and Simon Krajewski who have created the Python target. You can grab a nightly build to test it out.

Haxe compiled to Python!

The HaxeFlixel team have released HaxeFlixel 3.3.0, a huge release with improved HTML5 support, further improvements to the debugger, gamepad support and loads more. The improved HTML5 support comes to HaxeFlixel which now defaults to using openfl-bitfive.

The OpenFL team have also been improving the HTML5 target with two beta releases, 1.4.1 and 1.4.2.

The 1.4.1 release has seen investment in DOM support in which older devices perform better than using Canvas and for applications designed only to re-render when a change occurs.

1.4.2 introduces two new features, flash.media.Video and openfl.display.DOMSprite.

Video allows you to play and use HTML5 video and DOMSprite allows you to take any DOM element so acts like a Sprite, meaning you can move, fade, rotate and manipulate the DOM element as part of you display list.

Here is a HaxeFlixel made game, not using the new HTML5 output is Bubble Shooter Twist targeting Android.

And another Android game, Spike: A Love Story made with HaxePunk by Michael Houser.

Aymeric Lamboley has written Flambe vs The World in which he describes how he came to the decision for using Flambe for a new game called Witchcraft Works that had to work in mobile browsers.

Aymeric also goes onto say that on his last HTML5 game “I fought a lot with bad performances on mobile [and] here it just works like a charm! I didn’t have to fight with anything. I have a strong 60 fps on my iPhone4S and iPad3. Nothing to add. So kudo Bruno!”.

Michel has released hxsort which is a bunch of sorting algorithms ported from sortvis.org to Haxe. He has included two compilation flags which can improve performance on various platforms.

HIDE 0.3.8 has been released which are minor fixes and completion chaining. The install missing feature which is coming soon in 0.3.9 looks extremely useful.

hide 0.3.9
Install missing feature | HIDE

Also it seems the two developers originally working on HIDE, Boyan Ololoevich and Pah Arif have parted ways.

Pah is now working on Haxe Studio. Checkout his explanation on what happened.

Pah has also released haxe-printr which is an Haxe implementation of PHP's printr, which I assume prints human readable information about a variable.

Tong has released hxinotify 1.1 which provides CPP and Neko binds to inotify, a inode based filesystem notification library for monitoring the filesystem.

Peter Stefcek has released the Haxe build 250 of Genome2D. Peter has also committed a Javascript context with examples coming soon.

Eduardo Dias has released directly to haxelib externs for NodeJS in the library NodeHx. Some classes are fully typed, some are dynamically typed.

Dvergar has created a Pyxel Edit plugin, a map importer with an OpenFL helper and plenty of examples in the github README.

And to finish, plenty of games have been made using Haxe, OpenFL, HaxeFlixel, HaxePunk, Flambe and other libraries for the recent LD29. Look out for a LD29 Haxe roundup this Friday.

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