Haxe Roundup № 195

by Skial Bainn published on

Lars Doucet has released some impressive news on the upcoming Defender's Quest 2 game. Nobua Uematsu, the world famous video game composer, will be working on the main theme.

Tom Gattenhof has written the article An experiment with HTML5 in HaxeFlixel while looking for a cross-platform solution that can export to HTML5, Android and iOS.

In contrast to Tom's positive start with the Haxe ecosystem, Talha Kaya writes about his bumpy start with OpenFL and Haxe, the out of date tutorials, and some naive assumptions.

Talha's article is a great as it focuses on the problems people are facing when investigating the Haxe ecosystem and the lackluster impression that, sometimes, can be left behind.

A quote from Talha's article that sums Haxe up and made me smile was “this particular page that I was looking at was from July 2013. Thats like a hundred years ago in Haxe history”.

Chase Pettit has written his game Rival Bombs, a bomberman clone, created with HaxeFlixel and all his development progress documented on Giant Bomb's forums.

Reach3dx the cross-platform game engine in development by GameBase have been interviewed by Gaming Bolt on bringing console level gaming to smartphones and tablets. “The combination of OpenFL and Haxe was something that just made complete sense from a performance and user experience perspective”.

The upcoming, kind of stealth Haxe WebGL engine, Haxor, now has an twitter and g+ accounts.

Jarkko Syrjälä has ported the super fast AS3 implementation of the rectangle packer algorithm to Haxe.

Clément Charmet has a Mongoose class which can now create strictly typed models in Haxe/Node.js via some Haxe macro magic. And when I say mongoose, I mean MongooseJS , the mongodb object modeling library.

Julien Samama has updated his Dungeon Builder with a new algorithm which creates things like this awesome picture.

Enet native bindings have been created for Haxe. For those not familiar with Enet, its a “thin, simple and robust network layer on top of UDP”. Realtime multiplayer OpenFL games anyone?

The HyperFiction team have released HypSystem native extension for OpenFL iOS and Android targets. It provides network, device information and some additional Android specific information.

And the Knowledge Players team have created the KalturHaxe library which provides a wrapper around the Kaltura API.

Thomas has written an overview of his concerns on OpenFL and the ecosystem being fragmented, difficult to contribute to, breaking on each release but also how promising and impressive Haxe and OpenFL are. Thomas's concerns surfaced from this discussion on twitter.

Joshua Granick has responded to those concerns in his article Increasing Alignment in which he explains the decisions that him to fork NME and HXCPP. He also goes on to talk about his future plans for Haxe, Lime, NME and OpenFL.

And to finish up, another new twitter account for Haxe has appeared, Github Haxe is a news feed of Haxe Github repos being talked about on twitter. Its created and maintained by Ben Johnson.