Haxe Roundup № 191

by Skial Bainn published on

Emiliano Angelini has created and released another OpenFL native extension, this time for Google Analytics v3, called GAnalytics. The currently supported targets are iOS and Android. Its based on Hyperfiction's HypGA repository.

Flambe Games has posted a youtube video of a realtime multiplayer library compiled to Flash, HTML5 and Nodejs using websockets to communicate between each client.

The demo was recorded by Andrew who wrote and released the the Flambe Websocket library. For the Flash side it depends on the AS3Websocket library, but provides a convenient wrapper.

The HaxeFlixel team have created another demo, this time implementing Tyler Glaiel's heatmap idea for pathfinding.

Allan Dowdeswell found a Haxe extern for Snap.svg, he's happy, I'm happy as well.

Cauê Waneck just doesn't stop. This week he now has build.haxe.org building Haxe for the Raspberry Pi!

Michel Käser has created and released a fully async dispatch library for the Neko and CPP targets. To get the demo working, you will need hxdispatch, which looks like its almost ready to be uploaded to haxelib.

If you've gotten an Atom invite and want Haxe highlighting, Sean O'Dowd has released Haxe v3 and v2 compatible syntax file.

Three Disney veterans have created the indie studio Shark Punch, who are working on The Masterplan, a tactical heist game set in the 70s which is heavily dependent on Haxe and OpenFL, but are likely to make the jump to just using Lime. Article Source.