Upcoming Event
“Game Dev 101 - Level 1”

by Dan Hett scheduled for the 25th October 2014

Game Dev 101 is a one-day games development course that teaches the fundamentals of creating video games completely from scratch using Stencyl.

Over the day-long course Dan will introduce you to the world of video games through both the creative elements and the technical.

Dan has a hands-on approach to teaching, encouraging participants to get stuck in from the word go.

The course is packed full of popular video game examples, explaining why games are enjoyable as well as technically sound – why does Sonic jump the way he does? Why is it fun to play? How can we replicate this?

The course centres around participant discussion and Dan regularly makes comparisons to video games that are known and loved by all. You’ll learn why the simplest games can still be a joy to play (and how easy they are to make).

By the end of the day, you will understand how to get up and running in a few different game making environments and will come out with the skills and confidence to explore making games further.

Once completed, you’ll be well prepared to move on to the Intermediate Level course.